Disadvantages Of Education

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In the United States today there is a significant number of kids who attend public schools, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but these schools are facing a number of problems that bring downfalls to the overall effectiveness of the system. In the United States the average public school student will have a low standardized test score. This can be linked to the curriculum being taught and how it impacts the way students are learning and how effectively they’re really learning that material. In many situations public school students come from a lower income household, this is affecting those students’ chances of receiving a high-school diploma. In addition to not receiving a diploma it also hurts their chances of furthering their education at a university or trade school. In addition to these problems faced by the school system, there is a lack of autonomy in today’s educational system. This proposes a problem to the student of having no control over their days, which doesn’t effectively prepare…show more content…
Some downfalls of the public school system are, the unequal amount of funding and resources that can be provided to a school district in a wealthier community compared to in a poor community. Then we have the issue of the school curriculum being too closely related to only the standardized test that provide funding rather than actually making sure the students obtain the education they need. The final problem with the school system is the lack of autonomy in schools, the schools, need to have better social interactions and better collaboration between classrooms to effectively help the students where they struggle. These are all downfalls of the public school system that have major impacts on the final graduation and education a student will achieve over the course of their K-12 schooling
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