Education In The Early 1900s

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Education is one of the biggest services offered, but it wasn’t always. Not every person had the opportunity to receive an education, it has changed from the early 1900’s to present day. Everyone had received a different education, blacks, whites, women, men, people with and without disabilities, they were all taught differently or maybe not even taught at all up until recent years. Things have changed tremendously, from the way the school houses were built to the way things were taught.
Schools went from being in one room, and having only one teacher with kids of all ages to a schoolhouse with many rooms and a teacher to fill each room with the same aged children. When the schools were one room, religion was more so allowed in the school because
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No one knew how to handle someone with a disability. Before the 1970’s people with disabilities had almost no education, and if they did they would be sent to a boarding school type place, some were sent to places like insane asylums. The reasons why some were sent to insane asylums was because they didn’t actually know what was wrong with the person. A lot of the severe profound people with traumatic brain injuries or birth defects were sent to places like this because they could not function in society and family thought that they needed to be watched twenty-four seven. “In 1967, for example, state institutions were homes to almost 200,000 persons with significant disabilities. Many of these restrictive settings provided only minimal food, clothing, and shelter. Too often, persons with disabilities received care for basic needs rather than education and rehabilitation.” (Arne Duncan & Alexa Posny, 2010) People with any type of disability was found not able to learn. Public Law (P.L.) 94-142 is a law that came out in 1975 and guaranteed a free education to any person with a disability. This is when people with disabilities were first introduced to the public school system. Although this was better than no education at all, schooling was still in the process of working out the kinks for these students. The students with disabilities were put in public schools, but they were put into separate classrooms, away from the students without disabilities. This starts to change around the 2000’s this is when Public Law 94-142 is adjusted and the IDEA is founded. IDEA stands for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This instills that any child with disabilities is to receive an education in a least restricted environment. The IDEA ensures inclusion of the special education students, that they will be included in the regular education classroom as much as each

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