Death Of Ivan Ilyich Essay

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You all have been obsessed with meeting expectations and grades for the last four years of your life. Checking power school two, three, four times a day. Making sure that GPA stays right where you want it to be. You have been so self absorbed with this that you have completely lost focus on what truly matters. It's more than getting an A on that math test, more then getting into that ivy league school. High School is more than all this, its about finding out what in life will make you happy. Not just chasing some small irrelevant goal. This is why I strongly recommend that you read this book, The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Let me ask you this: Have you ever thought about what you really wanted to learn in highschool? 45 years from now will you remember that A you got on Mr. Tooheys essay, or will you reminisce figuring out what makes you happy in life? In The…show more content…
Ivan doesn’t ever slow down in life, he just keeps going and stays in one lense. Such as you all when you play the powerschool game. Crouch also states in the article “We force our children to believe that the destination is more important than the journey.” (Crouch 2) This is an extremely powerful sentence, because it's true. By being convinced that the journey is the more important destination, it has also pressured some of you to do things such as cutting corners or sacrifice ethics. Tolstoy paints this perfectly when Ivan’s wife is spending all of the money, but because of Ivan’s morals, or lack-thereof he doesn’t know how to tell her to stop. “And with the debts he contracted by living beyond his means.” (Tolstoy

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