Education Inequality In America

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Education inequality in America

Currently in today’s era we are living in a time where education inequality is at a high more than ever, where depending on where you live, how much money you have, what race you are, and even sometimes what sex you are, is how much you would learn, many people in the Ghettos of NewYork, don’t get the same as someone who would live the the nice, more wealthier parts. In the Ghettos, any type of teachers who does not know what they are doing are thrown in there, while teachers are carefully hand selected to teach in the much more wealthier places. This is a issue, because in the Declaration Of Independence, where it states; that all men are created equal, is not being fulfilled, like it needs
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I find it very hard to believe that, when even in the schools, children of different sex, race and age are not even treated equal, so how can the outside world be equal? In the second paragraph of the article Why education inequality persist—and how to fix it, “In contrast, the best-funded schools with the highest percentage of experienced teachers are most often located in the most economically advantaged neighborhoods”. How can we even be close to equality? The declaration does not live up to what it says, or at least the important thins. They invest no time in our children,they treat them unfair, and that is why we don 't have equality now, they make sure that everyone else and themselves are taken care of. What about the…show more content…
What good is all that free stuff? If our children are not given the same chance? If that was the case, why even offer school, to waste the time of the students and of the teachers?
The Declaration of Independence, is a joke in its selfs, it declares we are free, it promises freedom, equality, it promises liberty, but do we really have these things? It is very clear, it is right in your face, just walk into a school. We don 't have these things at all, we have the a system that doesn 't even know how to run itself, it cant live up to what it promised. Did we become independent way to fast? Can we do it on our own, or do we need to be under the control of Great
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