Education: Is A College Education Worth It?

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In the modern world we live in today, many things are continuously changing each and everyday. And on the forefront of change is the whole idea of education and what an educational environment should not only look like but what it should also provide to students. Taking an in-depth look at the presentations in class it’s clear to me that education is always changing for better or worse. However education is not just changing in one aspect, education is changing in all aspects as time goes on. Which begs the questions, is the education I 'm trying to get worth it, are students learning to the best of their abilities, are our kids protected enough, and what is the best type of education for kids growing up? The first person to try and answer these tough questions was Jada, who focused on the question that many people ask about college. Is a college education worth it?. In her presentation Jada brought up many intersection points and statistics when it came to college. Along with various examples Jada also mentioned some statistics regarding the cost of a college education. In her presentation I enjoyed how she talked about the people that didn’t have a college education that became really successful such as Steve Jobs and Mike Zuckerberg. In providing these examples Jada in a way proved that not everyone needs a college education to be successful, which I really liked about her presentation. Although I couldn’t help but feel that she didn’t provide enough statistical data

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