Reflection: The Importance Of Physical Education

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In the modern world we live in today, many things are continuously changing each and everyday. And on the forefront of change is the whole idea of education and what an educational environment should not only look like but what it should also provide to students. Taking an in-depth look at the presentations in class it’s clear to me that education is always changing for better or worse. However education is not just changing in one aspect, education is changing in all aspects as time goes on. Which begs the questions, is the education I 'm trying to get worth it, are students learning to the best of their abilities, are our kids protected enough, and what is the best type of education for kids growing up? The first person to try and answer these tough questions was Jada, who focused on the question…show more content…
Shelby mentions many different ways that not only the student, but teachers as well benefited from the use of physical activity in the classroom. I really feel that Shelby brought up a lot of great and interesting evidence as well as a personal example of how education combined with physical activity improved a student 's learning and even test scores. My favorite part of her presentation came when she used the charts in her slide show regarding test scores before and after physical education was implemented into the learning environment. Although Shelby did an amazing job when it came to providing evidence and supporting her claims I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t really distinguish between what types of movement help or hinder certain types of learners. I feel that if she would have included this information with her presentation would have been even better. So what does this mean for Shelby, this means that she missed out on an opportunity to further explain her ideas regarding the use of physical activity in a school
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