Education Is The Key Rhetorical Analysis

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Humza Sohail
English 1303
Professor Lauren Alfred
27th October 2015 Education Is The Key
Education is an important necessity to have in life. However, education is not easily attainable or in the reach of everyone’s hands. Not everyone has the access or the time to go to school and sit in class. Khan Academy is an online program made to help students learn new material easier while being able to do it on their own schedule and needs. It helps students who are slow learners, all the way to adults who need to refresh themselves on certain subjects.
In "Lets use video to reinvent education", a TED talks by Salman Khan, he states that using video to teach education is a different strategy that would help many students around the world. …show more content…

The audience for this is anybody with or getting an education. Khan’s purpose for this piece of work is informing the audience about a new way to learn math. A way student can learn at home the material that they did not understand in their class. This is helpful because everyone is different. Some students understand the basic material but struggle with the more complex work. They can focus out what they need to work on and practice on that instead of doing stuff they already know. Students can go at their own pace, that way if they are a slow learner they can go slow and the more fast learners can go faster. It is much more convenient for them because not everyone can go to school. For instance, if a student has to help out his family work and cannot go to school, he can go on Khan Academy and learn the material at night. Khan’s argument fits the audience well because the audience understands the importance of education, and also understands that sometimes there are situations that don’t allow us to go to class and learn. Khan gives an example of how he helped his peers and gives the audience statistical information and results given from a school that used Khan Academy. He also gives evidence with the student’s grades to show that it has worked on students already. Khan uses logos when he gives the audience statistical information of the students grades. This evidence is representative and effective because it is real data from students work. Khan uses ethos by persuading the audience that he is reliable and trustworthy by using facts to back up his claims. He also uses real examples for them to understand. He also has an education, helping him sound credible as well. Lastly Khan uses pathos by giving them funny examples like of his cousins wanting to learn from videos rather than him, and more happy emotions when he shows that students are succeeding better while using Khan

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