Education Is The Key To Success

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Have you ever surprised from yourself? I guess this might not happen very often. Most people know themselves and are aware of their achievements. However, I really did surprise myself when I begun to think of all the achievements that I have accomplished. I’m still in shock because a large portion of my life, I lacked of a basic education such as elementary school and middle school. I have faced many obstacles in order to achieve an education, but these obstacles have never stopped me. I didn’t had a sustained education before coming to E.P.H.S, but now I am graduating high school after just 4 years. The persistence and credibility that I now possess is due to all the hard work and effort has overcome every single obstacles. I know for a fact that there is a still a whole life ahead full obstacles, but there are also opportunities. This has been a big lesson for me, and I wish to pass on this message that has enlightened my life: persistence and credibility are the best weapons that anyone can use to achieve life goals. “Education is the key to success” this was the phrase that empower my desires to follow the path of education. But it was not always like this, when I started high school, I didn’t care education nor my future. However, I realized that education was essential in this country to survive and which I lacked of it. As the quarters passed, I began to face my reality in which I was struggling in school and my grades were getting worse. At the end of the first

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