Education Loan Essay

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In today's competitive world, the cost of studies is significantly increased and it continues to rise. This is creating a problem for students as well as their parents. If students are planning for engineering and doctorate courses that too from the premier institutes or even planning to study abroad, then their cost is much higher than what parent expects. The IIT'S India's most renowned and prestigious institute in India costs almost Rs.90,000 per individual every year which is almost Rs.3,60,000 for complete graduation course. If students are planning for studying abroad then they need a large or say huge piece of money cake in their parents bank account. In the US itself, depending upon in which university you are studying at, average tuition fees or cost ranges from $15000 to $30000 approximately per year for private universities that roughly converts to Rs.10,05,000 to Rs.20,10,000. This much of amount is not a cup of tea for many parents and especially in India a developing nation where a number of these families is approximately way more.…show more content…
But in life, finding a solution to every problem is a must and in this case, the solution is education loan. Education loan provides students and their parent full financial support much required for completion of graduation or post graduation courses. If students want, he or she can easily study abroad with the help of education loan. And getting education loan nowadays is super easy. There are numerous bank providing education loan to their
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