Education Reflection Paper

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My first experience with education occurred in kindergarten. I remember my mom picking up my older brother up and I from school in order to drive us to my brother 's speech class. At the time, he had a combination of a lisp and a stutter which caused these classes went on for what seemed like forever. The part of this experience that baffled me was that I never saw a problem with the way he was speaking until we arrived at the class. Now that I am older, I realize that everything that I know to be is due to someone giving their opinion on it. In my opinion, Life is the education of opinions. Each year of my life, I have been taught a variety of subjects, outside the conventional classroom setting. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss each subject my eighteen years of life has taught me. The first subject that I have learned is to question? Mainly the question I have learned to seek out is "Who" and "What". What does it mean to be educated? Some scholars may state it means to attend various Ivy League schools in which you are taught prestigious subjects in order to find a prosperous career. Additionally, they may state that education is having a plethora of degrees and written accomplishments. My question is, who decides what education is and which form of education is important or relevant. As stated above, I am eighteen years old and up to this point in my life, I have been taught that the best education I can receive is through getting a masters or doctorate degree
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