Reflection About Education

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Growing up I was always told that education is the key to success. My aunt continuously reminded me that in order to get my family out of poverty, I would have to go to college. A powerful lesson I learned from my experience is that persevering through adversity to obtained a higher education is rewarding in the future. This lesson helped me understand that higher education is the way out of poverty. At first I didn’t realize how important this lesson was until later on when I slowly realized the impact that having a college education tied to economic prosperity. I was raised in a single parent household and my mother had to work multiple jobs to support me and my younger brother. Furthermore, I had to take on more responsibilities of not only being role model for my younger brother, but also having to take care of him while my mom was away at work. As a child, I often got into trouble and had a hard time…show more content…
Going through this experience has opened my perspective on how useful and beneficial school can impact our lives. I hope to pass what I have learned to my brother and guide him in the process so that he won’t have to go through as many obstacles that I had to go through. It gives me satisfaction knowing that I can help him by being a role model and guiding him through his high school years in which most students have a difficult time in. I hope to set an example and pave the path for my younger brother so that he gains the same motivation that I’ve developed.
This experience has helped me understand that having access to adequate education can lead to many opportunities in the future. I can then apply this concept to other aspects of my life. This lesson helped me understand that having a hard work ethic can be rewarding. This has allowed me to find my passion in being a college advisor so that I can assist students who have gone through similar adversities that I have pursue post-secondary
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