Education Should Be Allowed For Education Essay

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Schools should allow all kids to get education
By:Sylvia Park

Imagine being in a special school because of your disability. Sitting there looking at other kids playing, but when they look at you they stare in disgust. How awful would it feel to get treated that way? By yourself always crying because you are excluded from others just because of one thing about you. Not allowed to go to school just because you have a disability. Instead of letting you participate, you are separated into a “special” school. How would you feel? In my opinion I think that schools should allow all kids to get educated. Many countries don’t allow disabled kids to go to school and they must get “special” education because they are “special.” All kids including disabled kids have the right to get full education. Therefore, I will be telling you a few reasons why schools should allow disabled kids to get educated.

First of all, they have the right to get educated. A girl named Mia went to school in Lebanon. However, she got kicked out of her class because she had a intellectual disability. According to it says that a boy named James got excluded from his school because he had a disability. Disabled people should have the right to attend school and get educated. It is important that all humans get an equal participation. According to if you are a disabled child in Russia, there is a chance that you will not receive a quality education or any education at all just

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