Education Should Be Free Essay

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Almost everyone is aware of the fact that over the years, colleges have become more and more costly to attend. They are becoming a financial burden on society and the rising tuition costs are threatening the ability of most students to attend college. The purpose of this persuasive research essay is to persuade the government of United States of America to fund the education of citizens. Over the years, different scholars have researched on this subject and they have discovered different ways to persuade the government in funding the education. According to a statement of Aaron Bady, a journalist, regarding education in various universities, he stated that “Public education should be free. If it isn't free, it isn't public education.” The…show more content…
According to the experience of my parents and older relatives, they had a clear distinction between the word public and private universities. They always studied in the public universities since these universities were affordable and they were supposed to be funded by the government. If we compare the concept of public and private universities of both the era we can find a huge difference between these two concepts now. Now a days public universities are charging same as the private universities. Education is not even affordable by most of the citizens of America since their yearly income is nearly equal to a semester fee of a university. This eventually leads to illiterate society and unemployment. It is the responsibility of government to make the education free and affordable at all the levels of education. For a few people it might seem absurd to make such demand of free education at all the levels but being the citizen of the society, free education is the right. Every government is responsible for fulfilling the basic
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