Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence And Robots

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“Many people are concerned about the effects of artificial intelligence and robots on humans. Will humans be marginalized to the point of being put out of work? Why hire a human when a much cheaper robot can do the job without being distracted.” (Henderson) Since civilization has evolved, the importance to provide ourselves and our citizens education has been a major aspect of our economy. Humans have taught in classrooms ever since the invention of educational institutions. Although this method has proved efficient and promising over the years, new improved technological advances have taken place. Such as artificial intelligence (AI)/robots. Many people have mixed emotions on robots for several reasons. For example: they are man maid objects…show more content…
In our current study, two groups of the fifth-grade elementary students were targeted to make the comparison. The experimental group used the robot-assisted instructional materials, whereas the second group participated in a traditional curriculum that used multimedia instructional materials without robots. Our results showed that the students who used the robot-assisted materials had better learning performance than those in the control group. Regarding the results of learning motivation survey, our participants in the experimental group were motivated by the designed instructional materials.” (Hong) Still, with the positive feedback from the children in Taiwan over a year of research, the cost of these robots is not cheap and could be a problem for some schools who want to test this experiment for themselves. The cost of advanced independent robots is expensive, so the implementation of simple autonomous functions that can be controlled by a human can be used for beginning purposes until funding can pay for self-sufficient robots.…show more content…
Furthermore, the switch to AI robots will provide more effective learning, saving funds and sexual cases will no longer continue to be an issue in our educational system. Although, adding to the fact that robot machines are costly, it is also a concern that robots will take away our jobs. But in fact, with the introduction of robots the same amount if not more will be created because the creation, programing and updating will need to be filled by human beings, thus, and creating jobs. David Henderson states in his article Aye, Robot: Yes, the robots are coming, but not for our jobs. Automation will bring new kinds of work, and new chances to create wealth, “No matter how much we intertwine robots into the economy, labor will always be available if productivity is on the rise and studies have proven that robots increase overall performance levels. The simple fact is that the amount of work to be done in the economy is unlimited. What 's limited is the number of humans.” (Henderson) Thus, robots are not a danger to our labor
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