Education: Should Robots Should Replace Teachers?

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“Many people are concerned about the effects of artificial intelligence and robots on humans. Will humans be marginalized to the point of being put out of work? Why hire a human when a much cheaper robot can do the job without being distracted.” (Henderson) Since civilization has evolved, the importance to provide ourselves and our citizens education has been a major aspect of our economy. Humans have taught in classrooms ever since the invention of educational institutions. Although this method has proved efficient and promising over the years, new improved technological advances have taken place. Such as artificial intelligence (AI)/robots. Many people have mixed emotions on robots for several reasons. For example: they are man maid objects that have no actual human aspects. Granted that, robots are still capable of anything a teacher is. Thus, they can teach students on several subjects more effective than our current teachers. Robots should replace teachers because robots are more efficient and capable of anything a teacher is.

“Decades before the computer revolution began to spread in earnest, science fiction’s most creative minds sketched out a future most of us never thought we’d see.” (Hicks) The introduction of computers, cars, and cell phones have evolved over the course of human history, so has artificial intelligence. Over the decades, humans have been exposed to the innovations of technology, specifically robots. The creation of robots was not around in the

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