Education System Argumentative Essay

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Is the education system the best it could be? Is it at its full potential? Many people would say yes, how could it not be we all the resource we have now a days. Well I am sorry to inform you that the American educational system comes in 14th place in the global ranking. We rank behind the likes of South Korea, United Kingdom and even behind our neighbor from the north Canada. If that did not make you, start questioning the system here 's one fact that would the U.S. ranks 24th in literacy. Don 't worry though there is some good news America rank second in one-thing can you guess what that is? United State ranks second only behind Italy in ignorance. Makes sense the definition for ignorance is lack of knowledge and I can see that our school…show more content…
Well, one major problem I believe that should be address is standardized testing. I remember when I was in high school all we heard about until middle of junior year was the HASP. A standardized at decided if you would get your qualify to earn your diploma or not. Therefore, the first three year of high school was focus around this one test and that is not an exaggeration. The year of the test, we had to take our normal Math and English class while an addition HASP prep Math and English so half of my classes where bases around this one test. Not only did it put stress on student it also pressure the teacher because if any student was to fail it would put the teacher in the line of question why the student wasn’t able to pass. Now think about standardized testing in a work environment. Picture it you come in to work every day on time do all the project your manger assign you. You’re the ideal employee and after three year they make you take a one test and you don’t pass the test by a few point. Now that promotion you were in line to get goes right out the window along with all the other effort you put in the previous 3 years. It would not be right and you would not like your work and effort to be bundle in to one test. So back to the student another common thing that happens often was after the test was completed and they passed the student would not care any more because they knew they complete the only real necessary
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