Chinese Education System Essay

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China’s education system offers nine years of compulsory education and the admittance to colleges are cutthroat in China. Although the education system is hailed as one of the best systems in the world consistently producing best students but there is a great disparity between the students from rural area and those from the major cities of China. Around 60 million students from the rural areas are left behind in this rat race, while many of the children from the urban areas attend schools with sophisticated technology and highly qualified teachers.

Rural students cannot compete with their counterparts from the urban areas and as a result most of the young people travel to factories in Guangdong province and other industrial provinces for work. The
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Educational technology was greatly developed after the implementation of reform and open to the outside world policies. China started implementing distance education in 1950’s and has since then implemented various information technology services to improve distance education in the country, During the 1990’s computer multimedia technology and network were being used extensively which led to faster development of distance education. Another feature which has been greatly developed is the technology on campus. The Ministry of Education decided in 1997 to set up 1000 experimental schools for modern educational technology. All of them should make full use of modern educational technology, to promote the development and reform of basic education. The Chinese government is also betting big on massive open online courses(MOOC) for K-12 as to bridge the gap between colleges and careers. The ministry of education announced in May that more than 30 measures would be introduced to support entrepreneurs in China, which is a significant boost for local Chinese organizations looking to enter the lucrative Edtech
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