Education System In Pakistan

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The purpose of this study examined the problems faced by Pakistan in Education System. There is need to change an education system of Pakistan. Different article papers and literature were examined for collect the data. Observation method was also used. The findings suggests that an effectively and efficiently implement the robust policies and improve the status of Pakistani education system and move the country towards progress.
Keywords: Education system, national or economic development, Problems, Pakistan
Education is the important tool for the progress of any society. In Pakistan education system is needed to change because it greatly affects the student’s career, it is not only destroy student’s career and also destroy the
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As compared to other countries Pakistan is lagging towards achieving all goals of education. Pakistan is also lagging towards economic and social development because education system. In Pakistan education is become an ordinary thing because some people study to complete as like formality, they don’t know what they study and also don’t know about Pakistan current situation and history. And some people study because of their parents, some people want but don’t have capable because lack of resources and some people want and also have resources but education system in institutions is not good. Because of these problems there is a loss of…show more content…
I. In Pakistan there are four provinces but education systems in these provinces are differing from another. In Baluchistan (largest province of Pakistan) but it is not much groomed as like Punjab. In FATA literacy rate very low constitutes 29.5% males and 3% females. The conditions are very congenial in all the parts of the country.
II. And many institutions are situated on the basis of class distinction. It’s also major problem that affect the education system, in which people faced many difficulties to give education to their children, mostly poor people Madressahs and those schools where the education is totally free.
III. The quality wise education is poorly based in Pakistan. There is no proper syllabus, no trained teachers, no adopted new technology, no practically and etc. In Pakistan most of the syllabus is theory base and they effect negatively on human mind because students don’t know what they studying. Most institution focused on English, in this most of the students forgot their own national language Urdu. Many students don’t know what is going on around the world, around their own country and don’t know about the history of Pakistan, and government policies because our education system don’t focused on these
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