Ideal Education Model

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An ideal model is a model that is without flaws and is self-sufficient; it satisfies all the conditions laid down. It has the solution to every problem where applied.

Education is concerned with imparting of knowledge and skill to people that seek it. Education goes beyond just the art of learning to read and write, it as well, as illustrated by Good and Markel (1973) is beyond the art of making available to each generation the organized knowledge of the past; rather it is concerned with provision of pragmatic knowledge towards finding solutions to problems —economical, societal and individual. It, according to me, at higher level also involves the knowledge of analyses (of problems and figures) to establish a fact. If all of the aforementioned are considered and emplaced, it will be noticed that education is in itself sufficient. Thus, an ideal education model will be one that places education where due; it sees education as what it is.

Consequently, an ideal higher education model is one that places emphasis on the importance of higher education. It equips its seekers with problem analysis and solving skill and the knowledge to better
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I will incorporate more practical classes into the curriculum. Moreover, I will ensure an efficient deployment of resources required to successfully run the practicals. Although, in my second year in the university as a student of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, I offered two practical courses —one in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the other in Mechanical Engineering— for each of the two semesters, they are not sufficient. The one in Electronic and Electrical Engineering is only about electronics and the one in Mechanical is only on metal work. These two are not sufficient, hence the need to introduce more practical courses. This will help in covering other aspects of the courses
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