Education: The Importance Of Creativity In Education

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Introduction Creativity can be developed throughout life and it is inherent in everyone. Since the late 80s, educational programmes and teachers’ work conditions have been constructed. Teachers and administrators around the world are focused on ensuring that both schools and students show growth and progress. However, schools see insignificant improvements in achievement scores this is due to students do not grow into creativity and instead grow out of it. National governments are reorganizing the education system to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Some students have interesting ideas but not able to express their ideas because our education system does not lend themselves to such ways of thinking. Creativity is important in education…show more content…
Creativity is what took men to space and Moon, creativity is what made flying possible therefore without creativity, mankind would probably still be living in caves. In this globalized civilization, creativity is becoming more important in the working world and now it is a requirement for personal as well as professional triumph. In my opinion, teachers and parents need to remind students the importance of creativity, and teachers must give students every chance to show creativity in classrooms. Government also play a vital role in changing the education system to make more creative classrooms as it is beneficial for both students and nation’s future. To conclude my research, I believe I have proven that creativity matters in education. Without creativity, who knows where mankind might end up. The children of today are the future of tomorrow. If creativity is not exposed to them, just picture yourself living in a society so dull, you wouldn’t be able to live another

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