Education: The Importance Of Discipline In School Education

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student is with given precise instructions, it becomes necessary to align instruction with standards. Standards ensure better accountability yielding teachers and schools responsible for what goes on in the classrooms. (Professional Learning Board [PBL], 2013) In the aspect of curriculum and instructional quality, countries make various decisions concerning the overall amount of time devoted to instruction and which subjects are required. These choices mirrors national and/or regional priorities and perspectives about what knowledge, skills and values students should be taught and at what age. The aim of countries is no longer just about providing a basic education for all, but to provide an education that will make it possible for everyone…show more content…
Discipline is essential to be imposed in every human being. Well-educated people observe discipline within themselves. In school education, discipline is characterized by a set of rules and regulations which reminds us of the proper behavior code. Discipline must be enforced among students for it can cost them their career in the future. (Sharma, 2016) Similarly, Were (2006) mentioned that discipline is a system of guiding individuals to make reasonable decision responsibly. It is also an action taken by adults to help children change their behavior. In addition, Varkey (1997) emphasized that true discipline has the ability to distinguish what is right and to have some facility to do it. He added that discipline must occur in an environment devoid from fear or resentment and to be handled in polite and firm manner. According to the Department of Education (2015) positive discipline is an approach to teaching which aid students to succeed, provides them necessary information for learning, and sustains their development. Children 's rights are recognized to promote healthy development, protection from violence, and active participation in learning. Thus, DEPED issued Department Order, s. 2012 which states that the use of corporal punishment are prohibited but promotes the use of positive…show more content…
It provides a bridge between school and work. Tests and examinations are taken so that will be able know their interest. One of the exams to be taken is RIASEC. After high school, it is important to go to a college or vocational school, and students who go to college or vocational school can get better jobs than those who don’t. Tests and examinations help the students to identify their interests and explore career types. This will also help them to select a school that offers the type of education that fits in their interest. As mentioned by Greg Pierce (2011), entrances examinations are beneficial to the students and aspiring enrollees and to the school as well. Having exams guarantees the administration that high standards are maintained. High honor and prestige is being given to schools who produce the topmost quality of students and graduates which results to fuel doubts and question the reputation of the school. Moreover, schools that maintain the highest standards take pride in being generalized as having the best students and graduates making the school synonymous with excellence and intelligence that will make the students gain interest in including the constitution in their school

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