Education: The Importance Of Education

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The world is perishing without God and their true knowledge of Him. The presence of sin in human’s life has blinded their hearts and likewise corrupted their minds that they surrendered their spirit to the evil desires of their flesh that led them to live estranged from God. However, in spite of human sinfulness, God continued to love them unconditionally and showed them great mercy by giving them His Son Jesus Christ that through His righteous death, He could redeem those who believe Him from the curse of sin and death and be restored to God eternally. Surprisingly, despite people seeing God’s glory, power and salvation through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, they still responded in disbelief and refused to accept Jesus as the promised…show more content…
People understand education as the means of acquiring knowledge, values, beliefs, habits and enhancing skills and talents. That is quite true with regard to human perspective; however, to Jesus, the “Master Educator,” education is not worldly, it is finding the truth by following and fulfilling the will of God; which is the foundation of knowledge. The Gospel account of Jesus gives evidence that while Jesus was on earth, He attained true knowledge by faithfully obeying God’s will, and He taught people to do likewise. What is the importance of education? The importance of education is more than just promoting a healthy normal being who understands the meaning of life and its relationship with the things surrounding him. Its importance lies in leading people to know their primary need in life and to find a satisfactory answer that makes them whole. In this regard, education should lead them to find their truth and sufficiency through God and not from the things of the world. In essence, the fundamental problem is that they are separated from their God and Creator and they are in need to be restored to Him. The importance of education is to be able to provide them concrete knowledge and understanding that would lead them back to their God and
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