Education: The Importance Of Education In Pakistan

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Education importance
Education is the very important factor of our life and society. Education plays a very important role in the progress of our country. Our future is also depends on our education. Our religion is also give pressure on both women and men to seek knowledge. Our prophet Muhammad ﷺ “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon ever Muslim”. Every society thinks education is very important for everyone.
Pakistan education system:
Present days education system in Pakistan is very bad. Pakistan education system is ruled by present government minister which named is federal minister of education. Pakistan government should make policy to give free education to the children of 5 to 16 years age. The Pakistan education system is divided into different levels i.e. 1st to 5th class elementary level, 6th to 8th middle or junior, and 9th to 10th high level. After school intermediate level started which from 11th to 12th and after intermediate level university level.
(1) Elementary level:
The Pakistan education system is adopted from the British. Pre school education system is from 3 to 5 years of children. In pre school education system 3 stages are included like playgroup, nursery and prep. After pre education system student is moved to elementary level which is from 1 to 5th standard. Private VS Government , Private school education is good .They provide all the facilities to the student. Private school fee was too much therefore many peoples didn’t afford it. But on other hand

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