Education: The Importance Of Education In Pakistan

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Education is a crucial aspect for the overall development of human personalities as it plays a key role in changing the attitudes and behaviors of individuals. Education raises the efficiency and productivity of individuals and makes them capable to lead the economy towards the path of sustainable economic growth. For the development of any nation, education is important as it is the most significant Institutional Organization. Developing countries like Pakistan has also recognized the importance of education. In this era of competition, government is taking keen interest in making investments in the Education sector. In Pakistan, Private Institutions are well equipped, have a good reputation and have helped the government to avoid an outflow of local currency that would have occur from the departure of young people for overseas studies (Ardic & Bas,2002). The significance of manpower in smooth operation of any organization has been acknowledged by many researchers and HR consultants. Education enables the country to meet the challenges of the changing world. Schools are the main source of awareness which provide training to the specialist manpower in different fields of life. The success of educational system depends on the experienced and qualified staff. Therefore, it is necessary to retain the experienced employees because an excellent academic staff is considered as the nitty-gritty of any successful educational sector (Ingersoll, 2004).The academic staff includes

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