Education: The Importance Of Education In The 21st Century

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Over the past ten years in the 21st century has witnessed the dramatic progress of many countries all over the world thanks to a large number of decisive factors, of which good education has dominated over others. To almost extent, education is undoubtedly valuable and indispensable to the development of countries. Some other elements, however, should be taken into consideration as what they have brought about.
To begin with, education is the cornerstone of modern existence. The undeniable usefulness of education in training talents is largely taken for granted. In other words, it is none other than education that is the cradle of geniuses who decide the future of every country. In fact, education produces skilful and intelligent generations, especially students, the future rulers. Learners can stand many chances of both absorbing basic knowledge and developing their interpersonal skills, discovering their own potential. They study studiously; self-improve to be useful ones, who will inevitably become future doctors, ulterior architects, famous professors, prominent scientists and also president of a nation. With highly-efficient schooling, future leaders will find it much straightforward to control everything, including giving wise policies, the best solutions to some hot issues like health care, environmental protection.
Second, guiding students to aspects of both modern knowledge and many necessary life skills is one of the most prominent advantages that education brings

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