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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, once said, ‘The destiny of a nation is shaped in her classrooms.’ True to this statement, the teachers and the taught are the inheritors of tomorrow. The teachers must show greater signs of trust, commitment and motivation and provide the learners such guidance and inspiration as may be required and prepare them to face the future with enthusiasm and confidence. Even the amount of time that he has to spend for preparation must also increase keeping in view with the recent innovative techniques like teaching through Audio-visual aids, teaching through Internet, teaching phonetics through music, teaching through games, etc. In other words, he, being a teacher in the 21st century, has to put an extra effort to continue to learn and develop himself professionally.
Good teachers form the foundation of good educational institutions and improving teachers’ skills and knowledge is one of the most important investments of time and money.1
The term ‘professional development’ means a comprehensive, sustained, and intensive approach of improving teachers’ effectiveness in raising student achievement. It lends itself best to the conception of the teacher as an educational professional. On the other hand, the concept ‘development’
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It encompasses the processes that the teacher engages into initially prepare himself, continuously update, and review and reflect on his own performance. Just as knowledge and skill requirements are changing with the advent of globalization and the explosive growth of technology, the teacher must also develop professionally and continually acquire new knowledge and skills. If he wants to prepare the students for their successful feature, he must be prepared for the future

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