Education: The Key To Success

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Knowledge is a very powerful thing that can change our lives. Today education is considered as one of the basic need of life along with food, shelter and water etc. It is a very broad word because with the help of education one can acquire knowledge. The basic goal of education is to provide pathway to the people which they need for a successful life.
In this fast moving world who does not want to get success? Success is something which everybody wants to achieve, but not everybody can achieve it because they do not know how to get success. To get success one should take some decisions, one should also know what he/she wants to accomplish to get the ultimate results. It is the key to success for an individual as well as for the nation and without this feature people cannot be able to capture the success. Education is not limited to books only but it also teaches us the way of life, dignity and respect of people, fundamental rights of people and gives us the concept of equality.
Some people believe that education is not the only way to success. They believe that a person can become successful with the help of experiences. According to them education is nothing without experience. But I think at some point in life a person can become stagnant because of the deficiency of education. People need education for making correct decisions and choosing the right path. Without education they don’t know how to make correct
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