Education Vs Idiot Nation

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Education shapes you on what kind of person you 're going to be. There are so many different schools in different countries and can be classified into different classification. It can be classified whether it 's a public or private school; a school that offer classes to students from kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and even grad school. We could attain different levels of learning depending on what school and level you are attending. In order to become an educated person a person must be able to attend to school and to be able to read and write. The essays of Paulo Freire and Michael Moore entitled: "The 'Banking ' Concept of Education" and "Idiot Nation", respectively, has two different purposes: Freire pointing out on…show more content…
Those two essays both have similarities in the topic of spoon-feeding information to the students and the role of the teachers and the authorities of the school who has the position to decide for their students. Every country is different in ways of economy, culture, education and etc. I experienced studying in school two different ways, here in the United States and in the Philippines. I could say that they have a different method of teaching. In the Philippines, all the information you need for your exams, quizzes and lectures you must really need to work hard to get the information you need in order to pass the exam and to be able to understand the lectures. The setup of the exam is also different, aside from multiple choice kind of questions, it also has enumeration, fill in the blanks, identification, matching type, essay and true or false in just one exam whatever the subject is. On the contrary, all kind of exam here in the United States is multiple choice, it is a type of test in which they give you options and one of the options they gave you is the right answer. That means that even if you don 't study you still have the chance to get the question correct if your guess is…show more content…
On both essays by both Freire and Moore, it shows that those who are in position at school has the control over the students on how they want to teach them and how they can earn fund in school. In Freire 's essay, the banking concept involves the teacher-student relationship. In this case, he 's stating that the banking concept that the teachers use in which the teacher knows everything and he or she is always right and always the one who can only talk during lectures doesn 't help the student in the long run. It is because the teachers who use the banking concept doesn 't give the students the opportunity to say his or her opinions or reactions about the things they are lecturing. Instead, if the teacher uses the problem-posing concept in which both the teacher and students interact with each other, they can both learn from each other. Freire stated in his essay that "Problem-posing education affirms men and women as beings in the process of becoming-as unfinished, uncompleted beings in and with a likewise unfinished reality" (Freire 10). He 's clearly explaining that exposing the student to a problem-posing concept gives them freedom to explain their own opinions and perspective which leads them to become a critical thinker and exposing them to what and how the real world is. When they become an adult and face what the real world is they can be prepared that not everyone will agree on their ideas and opinion, and that everyone can express what he

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