Education Vs Single Sex Education

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Education refers to a systematic process of gaining knowledge and skills through studies. A better education is fundamental for all to go ahead in the life. A well-rounded person with satisfactory educational level usually in favour of most employer. This might be the reason why parents often bear the aggravating dilemma when choosing the right school for their children as this choice may affect their children’s future. By narrowing the choices to sending their kids to a coeducational or to a single-sex school, this paper argued that the coeducation might be more beneficial compared to the single-sex education as it improves interpersonal communication skills of the students between both genders, offers a wide variety of curriculum and co-curriculum activities, and breaks down the negative gender stereotypes in the society. For nearly a decade, proponents of single-sex schooling have argued that boys and girls differ so fundamentally in brain functioning, interest, learning style and stress responsiveness. Females for example, may benefit more from listening and speaking tasks whereas males may prefer hands-on activities targeting their kinaesthetic preferences. In other words, single-sex school teachers recognize how their students learn so they will adapt their teaching styles to attend the specific needs based on their gender. However, St. Andrew’s College (2013) argued that teachers in coeducational schools are aware of the diversities in learning that exist between

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