Arguments Against Single Sex Schools

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Single-sex schools are institutions where learning takes place in an environment where only one gender, male or female, is present. Coeducation is the opposite and learning takes place in an environment where both genders are taught together. Parents therefore have the option of sending their children to one of the above learning environments. Some people are opposed to single-sex schools whereas others advocate it and feel that it is the better option. They argue that single-sex schools allow students to achieve more and concentrate better without being distracted, and that it combats gender roles and stereotypes. The first reason why some agree with having single-sex schools is that students will not be distracted by the opposite gender and…show more content…
It is argued that single-sex classrooms allow students to break away from their traditional roles. Girls will be more active, speak up, and participate more in the classroom. Boys are usually more collaborative and feel free to choose what academic stream they want to follow. It is often the case that boys find it difficult to for example read poetry out loud when girls are present in the classroom. When placed in an all-boys learning environment, they will feel free to participate without being mocked and made fun of. This will in turn improve their concentration and participation as well. Stanberry (n.d.) argues that single-sex education decreases gender stereotypes. Students will be more confident and have an increased self-esteem as well. They will not feel pressurized by the opposite gender and will feel free to express themselves and actively participate in the classroom. Without the distraction and pressure from the opposite sex, they are able to raise their opinions, interact more, choose a certain subject and feel comfortable with it, engage in poetry, and experience a more relaxed and vibrant environment as
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