Education: Why Music Should Be Used In Education

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In our modern society people are constantly trying to evolve their brains using various methods of development. One method that has gained significance and has begun to be accepted by educators is music as a therapy for stress, performance and individuality. The issue under discussion is whether music as a tool for academic succession should be used in education. There are some students, which cannot comprehend the material of the class within an hour, but if they listen to a song several times they will immediately memorize it and can sing it all, and even remember it for life. Although music was primarily rejected by teachers due to unawareness of the subject, they now opt for it, as the advantages of music as a pedagogical approach start to be apparent.
It is yet not elucidated on how music inclination affects teenagers’ cognitive background. Certain music genres influence students negatively such as heavy metal, rap, dance, hip-hop and other kinds of music link to antisocial behavior, alcoholism and rebellion acts. (Ekinci, Topcuoglu, Topcuoglu, & Sabuncuoglu, 2012). Also, emo music from “emotional music” is a newer trend that alters adolescents’ psychology leading to psychiatric disabilities. In 2007, two girls committed suicide after repetitive listening of emo lyrics and music (Baker & Bor, 2008). Nevertheless, several students declared that they do not have music genre choices. Scientists invented the term eclectic to define this group of people while they

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