Educational Achievement Gap Causes

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What Is the Real Cause of Educational Achievement Gap?
Summary of article:(TS)In the article“ The Facts about the Achievement Gap” originally published in the book Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools in 2013, Diane Ravitch claims that there are many reasons causing educational achievement gaps and only focusing on improve school systems will not help us to solve it completely. According to the article,the educational achievement gap means different degrees of achievements that students receive from their schools.(MP#1) As Ravitch says,“what we call achievement gaps are in fact opportunity gaps.”(ELAB) Different family backgrounds provide different opportunities to every child. (ELAB)
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Robinson claimed that our school system is basically based on factory lines, and it made me felt strongly agree with him because it was well known that students had to follow all the commands that their teacher asked them to do in schools.(MP#1) Based on Robinson’s statement, own creative thoughts is more important than own good grade to every student.(ELAC) At first, all of children have their own opinions and understandings in some aspects, and they like to use their own ways to solve problems that they suffer until they attend school. In most schools, students can only follow the way that their teachers teach them in class to solve the questions. (ELAC)Especially in Asia, teachers always leave a strict and inviolability impression to students, and students can not against the rules that their teachers create to them.(ELAC)Students lost their valuable creative thoughts and freedom in school, and that is also the reason why more and more students lost their interest in study. The boring and strict system that school provides is very harmful to students, it leads them can only focus on their lessons and limits their abilities of other aspects that they interested in. Based on this, school will easy to receive an opposite result, which is students give up on study and addict in drugs or worst.(CS)In fact, good grade doesn’t bring students succeed all the time but the creative coping…show more content…
It is absolutely true,but I cannot agree with it totally. (MP#1) Sometimes different social classes determine how strong the power that the people have. (ELAC)If one in lower social classes, he doesn’t have any power to get chances for himself and his children. In economic way, family’s income provides different social opportunities to family members. (MP#2) Based on these points, many people affirm that those are the root causes which lead to educational achievement gap to students and they believe that solve all the causes together is the only way to close it.(ELAC) In my opinion, their claim is true but not accurate enough. They ignore the education part habitually because they think those root causes determine all the gaps that we suffer in our society. (ELAC)In fact, school system is the real root cause for all of those aspects. If every school provides students unconstrained management which means allow students to do the things in their ways and develop their different creative thoughts rather than prevent, then more and more students will like to go to school.(ELAC) Not only that, students’ interests will get improve from their schools also, and their creative abilities will help them to reach their goals more easily. (CS) From these points on, even social,political and economic structures are look like the root causes for educational
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