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In the process of education, there are some components that really support the success of the educational process. Component is a part of system that has role in processing the system in order to achieve its objective. We can grab the meaning of educational components that it is some parts of education that can help the education’s process in achieving its objectives. Hardiyanti (2011) mentioned that there might be some educational components which are classified into some inputs including raw input, environmental input and instrumental input.
Raw inputs are all learners’ characteristics. It consists of interest, intelligent, talent, and gender. Learners can be mentioned as an addressee of information (knowledge) that will be delivered by the
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It showed that the materials could give big influence in order to grab students’ attention in participating to the class. By this side, a teacher should be able to deliver learning materials that can increase students’ interest and motivation.
Responding to the interesting and motivating teaching materials, teachers are demanded to find the best way to make students active in learning English. In addition, they also must put more attention in selecting educational materials. Starting from the learning objectives that will be achieved, whether the materials are relevant or not, the moral values contain inside the materials that need to be considered in selecting interested material and appropriate for students and so
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They are about the way how to increase students’ interest and motivation and the effect of choosing authentic materials. Putting attention on learners’ interest and motivation while studying in the classroom is very important. It is also in tuned as stated by Bukhary and Bahanshal (2013) explained that the material presented to the learners in the classroom is one of the most important factor that can motivate the learners to learn the language if the materials meets their

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