Educational Inequality In Education

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Introduction - Concept of Inequality in Educational Opportunities Globally, the movement of civil rights has been transformed to the movement of human rights. Under the microscope of examining human rights, the term ‘equality of educational opportunity’ has been put under the spotlight as one of the key aspects to improve nation’s development. Bronfenbrenner (1973) proposed that educational equity can be defined as the fairness or social justice of the distribution of education. (as cited in Jacob and Holsinger, 2008) From this, inequality of educational opportunities could be defined as the unfairness of distribution of educational related resource. According to The Glossary of Educational Reform (2016), biased or unfair policies, programs, practices, or situations contribute to a lack of equality in educational performance, results, and outcomes is the causes of most inequality in education. In Malaysia, the inequality of education could be scrutinized through the access to education within the country. Coleman (1968) has categorized educational inequality into five definitional types which are differences of the community’s inputs to the school, racial composition of the school, various intangible characteristics of the school, consequences of the school for individuals with equal backgrounds and abilities and consequences of the school for individuals of unequal backgrounds and abilities. (as cited in Jacob and Holsinger, 2008) From the aspects of definitional types of
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