Educational Intervention In Education

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Chapter 1 Background of the study Education is an essential method for any society. It's far a vital pillar of society that is of precise importance to the boom of Society (Adams, 1998). Education is an established fact that in the world best those nations have made progress and development that has a durable education system (Ball, 1990). Since established order of Pakistan, Pakistan lagged at the back of in countrywide development due to the weak Education system. The primary system of Education could not improve progress because of many factors as state politicians, corrupt bureaucracy, powerful regime, delicate civil society and susceptible democracy. . It was deliberately neglected in the country. Instead of developing free and quality…show more content…
It is a powerful tool to raise standards and enhance quality of Education. It ensures that the work is being done to the desired standards. It also highlights some of the failures and successes associated with the functioning of the educational system. Maw (1996) describes that educational intervention is a process that reveals the standards, the exclusivity and efficiency of the school by monitoring the objectives of the education system. Clegg & Billington (1996) add that the main purpose of Educational intervention is to collect data through the process of monitoring to improve the manner of teaching and learning in the schools. McGlynn and Stalker (1995) stated that Educational intervention in schools is carried out for three reasons. Firstly, To find the solutions of problems by collecting data about education efficiency in schools. Secondly, Evaluate the quality of the available arrangements and to provide suggestions for improvements. Thirdly, it provides an effective advice and feedback to the policy makers, school leaders so that the educational initiatives implemented effectively. Educational intervention is a valuable way to review school status and help improve its educational and administrative…show more content…
Wilcox and Gray (1994) have found that educational interventions provides an opportunity to collect first hand information by visiting schools and developing closer relationship with teachers and head teachers , It will be able to know the problems of the schools of the schools, teaching and learning process by discussing these issues with the teachers and head teacher which will enable them to provide real solutions to the problems facing the schools۔ Hargreaves (1995) states that it takes place in three stages. First of all, every child has access to quality education according to its needs. Second, it should be realized that there is a close connection between quality education and economic development of a nation. Last but at least, it is important to ensure that every child is providing education through which they can effectively become increasingly able to contribute rapidly to the global and complex

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