Reflective Essay: My Role As An Educational Leader

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An educational leadership including both teachers and school administrators is a position which requires continuous development. Obviously, taking the rapidly changing world into consideration, the leader has to evaluate and improve oneself, in order to keep up with the times. There is a certain skill set that a teacher-leader has to acquire, in order to be successful.
Talking about myself, my short-term goal is to set clear objectives, as it is the basic foundation of development in any leadership profession, including teaching. Also, it serves as an extremely valid assistance, in terms of defining where you are now and where you want to be. On the other hand, it is a crucial part of motivation, as passing the first step, achieving even
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Definitely, the leader identity does affect the whole educational environment. As a teacher-leader, I have to realize that my learners are the reflection of myself. Whenever I am honest and just with them, their respond will be the same. So, if to make honest and ethical behavior a key value, the whole team will follow the route. Beyond question, a successful leader is very enthusiastic in assuming the role as a leader. Talking about my role as a teacher-leader, I see myself as a source of inspiration, a motivator toward my students and also toward the required activity. Sometimes, I also have to be a part of the class, in order to be conscious of their academic skills and psychological condition. Moreover, being a teacher-leader, I need to be aware that there is no leadership, without confidence. It acts as the fundamental basis from which leadership improves. All in all, even being an effective problem solver, a great communicator, in one word, having all the administrative qualifications, lack self-confidence will reduce the percentage of one’s ability to lead
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