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Educational Technology Annotated Bibliography Kozma, R. (2003). Technology and classroom practices: an international study. Journal Of Research on Technology in Education (1539-1523), 36(1), 1. The author of this article, his name is Roboer B. Kozma, is now working for the Technology in Learning center, the name of the center is SRI International. In this article he explores all of the findings of research that was done by many researchers on how the technology is affecting our classrooms. His research focus deeply on the practices that has been done in classrooms to see if the students are using technology effectively and how the technology is helping them learn. The research results proved that all students held back from using the Internet and started using their brains to solve problems on their own. The students were able to pick which task they want to work on, and that shows that they are capable of taking care of their own learning. The results also proved that not just the students were able to take care of their learning and collaborate, but there is also collaboration between the teachers. The teachers were able to get together to discuss how technology is being used in the classrooms, and that shows…show more content…
Quwllmalz both of those authors are associated with the learning science research institute, in the University of Illinois. This article's main focus is on the importance of the class assessments in classrooms and how the technology can improve our classrooms. When the teachers gives immediate feedback to the students after using technology, that can create a new way of learning in classrooms. Technology helps every student on every assessment in any level of education. This article focuses also on the idea of creating a new way of learning tasks that help students with their higher order thinking. Technology creates new ways to help the students learn. Technology will never get worse in the future infact it will get

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