Educational Technology In Physical Education

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An art or craft of responding to our educational needs and a theory about how problems in human learning are identified and solve (David H. Jonassen, Kyle L. Peck, Brent G. Wilson), is known as Educational technology which is said to be a process and not a product, it is a very broad term and can be refer to all the ways people use their inventions and discoveries that can be devices, tools, equipment, activities, procedures and processes to satisfy their needs and desires.
The innovation of internet in our society has a great impact to the students and teachers. Indeed, technologies
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But how could it be possible? In a specific topic like gymnastics, instead of teaching them one by one it is advisable to use technology and multimedia presentation in physical education as a teaching tool because it could be useful for both the teachers and the students since it offers the atmosphere which can provide students autonomous learning. That is, it provide a learning environment where the students more actively involved in learning process (Thornburg and Hill, 2004)…show more content…
getting the students well prepared for a growing demand for technology b. the potential of computer in learning individually c. the belief that using the computer in the classroom will increase the productivity (Cuban, 1993). However, we should not always lend on to the help of technology and never let technology control us but we should be the one to control them, be a responsible user and learn how to manipulate our time by spending it correctly and a discipline ourselves. We can’t deny the fact that technology is part of our life and without it we will experience so much difficulty on how to deal with our society. We hardy need technology, but we also need to understand that all things have its limitation. A technology can be a teacher since they both gives information for us to learn, ideas to fill in our thoughts and teaches us how to be a productive

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