Educational Technology Research Paper

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Educational technology is a systematic process for designing instruction used to improve performance. . Educational technology is sometimes also known as instructional technology or learning technology.

1. Teaching Technology.
2. Instructional Technology.
3. Behavioral Technology.
4. Instructional design Technology.
1. The earliest concept of educational technology was linked with the use of audio-visual aids like specimens, concrete materials charts, models, and maps.
2. With the improvement in physical science and resulting electronic revolution we started having sophisticated hardware and software like, radio, projectors, tape-recorders and television.
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It develops theories of teaching and
Learning and provides scientific foundation to education.
9. Proper use of hardware and software: nowadays hardware and software play an important role in achieving educational objectives. Educational technology helps in using this aids properly. It helps in defining the resources in terms of specific functions, the solution they proffer, proper handling and maintenance.
10. Provides feedback: there is appropriate feedback from educational technology to the teacher and student in bringing improvement at the preparatory and at implementation stage of specific acts.
For this purpose, educational technology discusses the ways and means of suitable evaluation techniques, their planning, development selection and appropriate use in relation to the objectives of teaching- learning system.
In conclusion, the scope should not be restricted to these alone but there should be room for necessary expansion and development for carrying out its tasks and objectives.
• Educational technology improve access to
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• Individual should have the knowledge of how their personally identifiable health information can be use and who has access to it.
• Individual should have control over how and extent to which their personal health information is shared and be able to opt out of it at any time.
• Systems for electronic health data exchange must protect the integrity, security, privacy and confidentiality of an individual’s information.
• The governance and administration of electronic health information networks should be transparent, and publicly accountable.
• It gives accurate and complete information about patient’s health, thereby leading to best possible care for patient through the providers, either as routine visit or as emergency.
• Ability to use data analytics and big data to effectively manage population health programs, thereby reducing incidence of chronic health

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