Educational Values In The Role Of Education In Education

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Values acquisition goes on constantly in the educational process through various activities like instruction, relationship between pupils, co-curricular activities etc. So education has a major role in inculcating basic values of humanism, socialism and national integration among the children and it presents a challenging task before the teacher and taught.

As an integral part of education system, the need of the hour is to have competent, committed and professionally qualified teachers who can meet the demands of the society. The teachers must show excellence in the output as well as interactions which develop knowledge and ethical values among students and create educative environment .Therefore the role of teacher educator is of paramount importance.
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First of all the teacher must have his own standard of quality and values which is to be imbibed by the teacher among youth of the nation. Time to time various introspective and retrospective measures must be taken to assess the quality of value education at all levels. Values have been overlooked and finally dropped plunging humanity into chaos and danger. The remedy is to reinforce them. This can be done at curriculum planning stage. There is a need of value education in curriculum which involves ‘educating the heart as well head’. Learning to live together becomes the most essential pillar of education. It promotes the values for example: peace, tolerance, human rights, democracy, justice, equality etc. for teachers, education planners and administrators. This is a major issue which needs utmost attention and must be followed to enhance and save the quality of our education

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