Education's Hungry Hearts Edmundson Analysis

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Analysis Essay Our job as an author first and foremost, is to grab the reader’s attention. One we have gained attention from the reader, it is important to provide a voice that will prove to be unforgettable. Amongst many of the recent articles read by myself, Mark Edmundson’s, “Education’s Hungry Hearts” has proven to be the most affective. This article demonstrates how education is often misunderstood. Edmundson develops his article in a way that establishes credibility, authoritative testimony, and emotional appeal. Edmundson begins his article by stating his background and overall experience in the field of modern college education. In order to establish credibility, he describes how he has taught at institutions, such as, The University of Virginia. Edmundson asserts, “I’ve been teaching now for thirty-five years and in that time, have had about 4,000 students pass my desk. I’m willing to testify: Not all students have hungry hearts. Some do, some don’t and having a hungry heart (or not) is what makes all the difference for a young person seeking an education” (Edmundson 521). This quote demonstrates how Edmundson feels in regards to Modern Education, and its participants. He feels that, in order to succeed, one must indeed have a hungry…show more content…
Therefore, it is simply up to the student, what they would like to do with that invested money that is going towards their education. They can either utilize the tools provided in school, and work hard towards a better future, or simply watch that money dissolve. Edmundson claims, “The best students and the ones who get the most out of their educations are the ones that come to school with the most energy to learn” (Edmundson 521). This indicates, that many of the students who enter college are not necessarily the most intelligent, rather they are driven to learn and
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