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A study on the Relationship between Educator Competencies and Demographic Variables Ms Bindu Gopinath, Research Scholar in Commerce, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, and Dr P K Sundaresan, Research Supervisor in Commerce, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore Abstract The study looks into the nature of relationship between Educator Competencies and the Demographic variables of the Educators. Educator competencies are the skills, knowledge and efficiencies required by the educators to discharge their duties most effectively in higher education institutions in the State of Kerala. The basic and most essential competencies are considered for the study. Demographics include age, gender, designation and zone of occupancy. The study measures and…show more content…
Hence it becomes obligatory on the part of the educators to possess the required skills, knowledge and ability. Competency is having the knowledge and skills to carry out the duties of an educator ( Ministry of Education,2012 ). The educators must be competent enough to teach the students and lead them to success. A successful educator is one who possesses the minimum essential competencies. The importance of educator competencies becomes greater especially in higher education sector. There exists a relationship between demographics and competencies of educators in higher education institutions. Objectives of the Study 1.To ascertain the nature of relationship among different demographic variables of educators. 2.To study the relationship between demographic variables and dimensions of competency-Compassion . Hypothesis There is significant difference in influence of Gender, Age categories, Designation and Zone of occupancy on Educator Competency of Compassion of the educators. Methodology of the study The Research Methodology adopted for the Study is given below: Type of Study The method of study adopted is descriptive, where an attempt is made to define a situation as it is. The described situation is analysed to find out emerging patterns. Essentially it is Descriptive Study with an Analytical and Exploratory…show more content…
In this study researcher analysed the composition of the sample based on the different demographic variables under consideration . The analysis will help to highlight the different segmentation among the variables which will provide deeper insights for the study. Relationship between gender and age Previous research has proven beyond doubt that any perception of the individual is influenced by both gender and age of the respondents. The classification of the sample is provided in the table below : Gender * Age Cross tabulation Count Age Total Below 30 Years 30-35 Years 35 - 40 Years 40-45 Years Above 45 Years gender MALE 34 24 30 42 30 160 FEMALE 26 24 51 29 27 157 Total 60 48 81 71 57 317 The cross tabulation result for variable shows that number of male respondents are more in all the age categories except the age group 35 to 40 years. Relationship between Gender and Designation Previous research has proven beyond doubt that any perception of the individual is influenced by both the type of gender . But designation of the respondent can also play an important factor for building the perception for the variables under study. The classification of the sample is provided in the table

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