Edward Bloom In Daniel Wallace's Big Fish

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Edward Bloom in Daniel Wallace’s novel, Big Fish, he is portrayed as a very peculiar character with many different characteristics. Bloom’s son, William, is telling the story for his father’s adventures and about the people; he meets along the way. He tells his son all the vicissitudes about his life mixed in with a few exaggerations. All while Bloom is on his death bed with his son by his side. Many people that Bloom meets on his adventures would each describe him a little differently. Although, he has many traits there are a few that standout more than others are. Some characteristics that Bloom has is how he is very much different then the others, the kindness towards other people, and his loyalty to others. From the very beginning of the novel, when he was born, his parents and everyone in town knew he was something special. Bloom “was a strong, quiet bot with a mind of his own” (Wallace 9). The day he was born something happened that had not happened in forty years, “it rained” (7). Everyone in town gathered around their house just to see a small cloud and soon would be bigger appear in the sky. Not only was he born on the driest summer, but also “had a way with animals, everyone said so” (8). When Bloom would be outside working on the field different birds would sit on…show more content…
When Bloom was a small child, he never talked back to his parents or any of his elders. Once his parents told him to do something, he did it without hesitation. For example, his mother said, “‘about time you go off to school, isn’t it Edward?’ He then replied with ‘I guess it is,’” (11). Which shows how obedient he is towards his mother. Bloom would recognize many of the people in his town with “the sound their shoes made when they walked” (12). The people in the town also said, “He never forgot a name or a face or your favorite color” (12). Which shows how well he know everyone he
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