Edward Burnett Tylor: The Definition Of American Culture

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Culture Term Paper All over the world, there are different people of different cultures that follow different norms. If you ask any of those people what the definition of culture is-you will probably get a million different answers. A British anthropologist, Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917) is often credited with giving the first definition of culture in anthropology. Tylor said that culture “is that complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, law, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by [a human] as a member of society” (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2016). But, according to David Myers, culture can be defined as “the enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, and traditions shared by a group of people and…show more content…
Traditions in American Culture. Traditions in America range from birthday parties to bachelor parties. In American culture, everything is to be celebrated. It seems as if the whole country is one big party. Did you survive 365 days consecutively? Party. Are you getting married? Party. Did you get a promotion at work? Party. Personal achievements are not the only things that are celebrated. Americans also celebrate different holidays. For example, they go out to dinner for Valentine’s day and buy presents at Christmas. In American culture, everyday is a new reason to throw a party.
Family in American culture. Families in America differ between each household, but no matter the number inside, the way one another values each other is the same. In American culture, to be a family means to come together during good or bad times. It means being there for a wedding and a funeral. It means family reunions and family traditions at Christmas. In America, the thing that usually matters most to people is their
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While America isn’t home to the fashion capital of the world, it’s culture is still rich is fashion. In America, we celebrate things such as NYC Fashion Week and new lines from different designers. The crowds at these events seem to get bigger and bigger while the clothing on the model is less and less. It seems that, in American culture, the less you wear-the better. For example, crop tops and short shorts have become very popular in teenage girls. While tank tops have become popular in young men. In America, the way you dress defines you who are, and it seems that the people want to be known as “skimpy.”
Schooling in American culture. In America, school is either taken very seriously or not serious at all by students. For example, students are given FREE education up until the college level, yet they still won’t show up for class or do their homework. On the other hand, some students take it VERY seriously. For example, they do their homework, extra credit, work for all A’s. In American culture, the seriousness that is taken with schooling varies with each
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