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Edward was born on February 24th, 1811 in England. He devoted himself to public service as both a lawyer, Illinois state house, and State Senate ( Latin library.com). He was also a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. Baker was thought to be an amazing speaker but also had his own personal issue (Latinlibrary.com). Edward D. Baker also was the only serving Senator to fight in the Civil War (Darley). Even though Edward was born an Englishman he did not stay there very long. His When he turned four the little boy and his parents traveled across the ocean to America. At the age of 14 Edward moved from Philadelphia to Illinois where he studied law and sought out his life as a lawyer. In 1830 he passed his bar exam. (latinlibrary.com). He had…show more content…
He spent a few years in the Illinois state house and the state senate until 1844. He had a very large part in the construction of the Panama Canal but almost died while in Panama. Eventually, he moved to California and started a law practice there. His friendship with Abraham Lincoln grew. Baker’s ability to give a good speech may have been one of the reasons that Lincoln won the votes from California and Oregon (Mr. Lincoln’s Whitehouse). Edward was one of two Senators that had the privilege of traveling with Abraham Lincoln to his inauguration. He also was given the job of announcing Lincoln as president after he was sworn in (Latin Library.com). Lincoln and Baker were friends for over 25 years. Lincoln defended him on several occasions. One time he said, “Not a word; not a word. I don’t want to hear a word. I have known Colonel Baker twenty-five years. I have known him better than any of you know him, and I don’t want any defense of him from anyone.” (Mr. Lincoln’s Whitehouse). Another time Lincoln accused a California newspaper of “unjustly attacking his personal friend,” (Mr. Lincoln’s…show more content…
His face to the sky of blue… No skirmish notions filled his breast. The Union was his theme No surrender and no compromise. His day thought and nights dream. His country has her part to play. To’rds those he left behind. His widow and his children all she must always keep in mind. (Mr. Lincoln’s Whithouse)

Colonel Edward D. Baker was a great speaker who was loyal to his country. He had risen in power as well as friendship with one of the greatest presidents. Baker also died as a hero on the battlefield not just as one who sat behind a desk and spoke about war. In the end he acted on what he believed in and that was the Union of the United States of America and his friend the President Abraham
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