Edward D. Baker's Contribution To The Civil War

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Edward was born on February 24th, 1811 in England. He devoted himself to public service as both a lawyer, Illinois state house, and State Senate ( Latin library.com). He was also a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. Baker was thought to be an amazing speaker but also had his own personal issue (Latinlibrary.com). Edward D. Baker also was the only serving Senator to fight in the Civil War (Darley). Even though Edward was born an Englishman he did not stay there very long. His When he turned four the little boy and his parents traveled across the ocean to America. At the age of 14 Edward moved from Philadelphia to Illinois where he studied law and sought out his life as a lawyer. In 1830 he passed his bar exam. (latinlibrary.com). He had some personal struggles with gambling and was known for defending gamblers in court. This did not really help his reputation (Latinlibrary.com). Five years later Edward met Abraham Lincoln. He…show more content…
He was known to give passionate speeches against the Confederacy while wearings his army uniform. He was commissioned as a General but could not serve as both a Senator and a General at the same time. Baker decided to remain a Colonel and a Senator. On the day before his death he visited Lincoln. Strangely, he settled all his business affairs and said farewell to Lincoln’s family. A lady gave him a bouquet of flowers and he made a very unusual comment almost as if he knew he would die soon. He said, “ Very beautiful. These flowers and my memory will wither together” (Mr. Lincoln’s Whitehouse). The very next day at the at the Battle of Balls Bluff, Virginia Edward D Baker became the only sitting US Senator to die in a Civil War Battle (Death of Edward D. Baker). It was reported that when Lincoln found out that his dear friend had died he could hardly walk. Lincoln’s own son Willie also wrote a memorial poem in honor of
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