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Edward de Vere: The True Author
Imagine if William Shakespeare, one of the most praised English writer, was actually a fraud. There has been a question going around whether Shakespeare, supposed author of works such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, was the true author of the works attributed to his name. From Shakespeare’s lack of education, traveling, and manuscripts; there have been many suspects as to who the true author may be, but the most convincing arguments that have been made have put Edward de Vere, also known as the 17th Earl of Oxford, as the most convincing candidate. There have been arguments made such as his great knowledge, the markings in his bible, the correlation between his life and that of the character Hamlet, and so on.
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Edward de Vere had made markings in his bible that have a relation with the works of Shakespeare. In de Vere’s bible, markings were found that were also presented in the works of Shakespeare. In the article “Hunting for Good Will” by Michael Satchell, it states that there were markings found in de Vere’s Geneva Bible, and continues by saying, “More than one fourth of the 1,066 highlighted passages appear in Shakespeare 's writings–phrases like "weaver 's beam" and "I am that I am" and unusual names like "Achitophel.”This means that if de Vere were to be the author, this would explain why the markings in de Vere’s bible were found in the works of Shakespeare, because de Vere would have been inspired and marked them so he could then later on add them to the plays or any other works he was writing. This evidence correlates with my claim, because as I said, the markings in de Vere’s bible had a relation with the works of Shakespeare. This connection would be that there were 1,066 phrases that were highlighted in de Vere’s bible, which happen to be found in the works of Shakespeare, thus my belief that de Vere is the true
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