Love Is More Thicker Than Forget Analysis

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Edward Estlin Cummings is one of the most famous American poets of the 20th century. He uses words to “point[] to a reality outside themselves” and on the contrary claims “the only reality is language itself” . He is well known for his disregard of traditional poetic expression, and tendency to invent words.
The poem Love is more thicker than forget has 16 lines, which are separated into 4 stanzas. It has an iambic metre and the rhyme scheme is a cross rhyme throughout the poem.
The first stanza offers a good insight into the theme of the poem. It is built up on statements which contradict each other. '[Thick] ' (l. 1) and '[thin] (l. 2), for example, are attributes used to illustrate love in comparison to forgetfulness. However, as
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5) shows the uncontrollable and more intimidating part of love. 'Mad ' (l. 5) stands for the loss of one 's sense of judgement and the possibility of being lead to behaviour that is most unlike oneself. The 'moon ' (l. 5), when present, generates a sombre atmosphere. The description of love being 'deeper than the sea ' (l. 8) means love, compared to the sea, holds an even vaster amount of unknown treasures and mysteries. Whether these are favorable or abominable is a question left unanswered. The depths of the sea, however, are predominantly seen as gloomy rather than…show more content…
'Sane and sunly ' (l. 13) is an antonym to 'most mad and moonly ' (l. 5) and highlights the fact that Cummings is torn between the positive and negative side of love and doesn 't think that one can exist without the other. He claims love 'cannot die ' (l. 14). This statement emphasizes the power love has over humans, because immortality rules over our fragility. Although we are affected by love we cannot control it ourselves. It is a distant force that influences our lives but is impossible to reach and understand as it is 'higher than the sky ' (l.

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