Edward G. Lengel's The Mysteries Of George Washington

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The Mysteries of George Washington Edward G. Lengel is an American historian, professor at the University of Virginia and is currently the Editor-in-Chief at the Papers of George Washington. As a professional historian and author of Inventing George Washington: America’s Founder, in Myth and Memory, Lengel’s interest in studying and redefining the misrepresentations of George Washington’s legacy. The audience for this bookseller is for scholars who would be willing to gain a new insight on Washington 's legacy. Nevertheless, this book is an important contribution to our combined historical knowledge. Because of the numerous of tales surrounding Washington 's work and life, this was basically the reasoning on why he wrote this book. However, the author’s overall argument is to not criticize …show more content…

Inventing George Washington: America’s Founder, in Myth and Memory was highly praised from critics stating the book challenges the myths we have of Washington that varies from his career in the military and in politics. The book really documents a true side of Washington that many authors who wrote about him did not portray. Lengel’s book allows to see the former President in a unique light and shows his life from a different perspective. After writing, Lengel finished that history is always in danger of growing through repetition. Meaning children will find interest in storytelling but adults will not although change does not occur with rediscovering what is now the reconsidering for the First President of U.S. which challenges the reader to invest in more research outside an average classroom. Another reason why the book is crucial is to learn more about the Father of the Country which we will never know about him. From his military history to his personal life, Lengel gives readers a captivated idea on Washington we may not ever read in textbooks. Lengel 's approach gives hope that Washington overall may have been the greatest person to undergo the constitution as

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