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“The Triumph of the City” by Edward Glaeser gives insight into factors that can make an urban center thrive economically and culturally as well. A city that provides a conducive environment for people to live in ultimately leads to its development. Cities such as Paris and New York are a reflection of successful cities in the book. They offer a business-friendly environment and job opportunities as well. However, they too face challenges of rapid urbanization such as high-cost of living and congestion. The author delineates that most of the successful cities are in proximity to a major economic resource. For instance, the proximity of New York to the west coast stimulated shipping activities that subsequently lead to the emergence of trade…show more content…
I believe that the occupants of a city are the sole determinants of a city’s future. For instance, regular maintenance of proper hygiene and drinking clean water is an individuals’ initiative. Such behavior helps eradicate incidences of pollution and disease in the cities. Besides, measures such as strategic socioeconomic planning help alleviate most of the urban problems experienced in urban centers. Indeed, the book is a perfect reflection of the situation of urban centers in the contemporary world. Application of the authors’ concepts may contribute to the consequence of rapid urbanization and slow growth of cities as well. Chapter 9 of the book highlights the importance of effective leadership in the management of cities to stimulate their growth. Additionally, Glaeser recommends the promotion of READING RESPONSE4 education and consumerism to spur economic growth. He asserts that a society that is enlightened is capable of solving the various challenges in urban centers. Indeed, it is only through strategic planning that a city can triumph. The fact that book combines economics aspects and history to provide an in-depth analysis of the functioning of our cities places it at the masterpiece

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