Edward Hall's The Arab World

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Critique The Arab World Edward Hall is a famous anthropologist who wrote “The Arab World”, where he explains the differences between the Arabs’ behaviors and the Americans. Hall is a professor of anthropology and an author of many books in anthropology, his publications includes “The Silent Language” published in 1959 and “The Dance of Life” published in 1983. Halls book was written to inform the different behaviors of Arabs in public and how different they are from the Americans in forms of communication. This was valuable information at the time because it introduces the Americans to the Arab world. However, Hall has failed in delivering the right image to the Americans. The author shows different characteristics and behaviors of the Arabs and compares it to Americans; however, this comparison is bias due to his small sampling that leads to hast generalization. Edward Hall, “The Arab World” shows that even after many years the westerners and the Arabs still do not understand each other. Hall was biased in interpreting the Arabs behaviors, privacy and personal distance. In this book, Hall’s writing was effective because he was able to affect the audiences due to his experience in the field which gave him credibility that has appealed to logically. Hence it was easier to gain the trust of his audience in viewing his ideas. However, some of his information is inaccurate because some of his examples are based on the events he went through and from that he concluded that all
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