Edward Lee Elmore's Injustice Case

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How would one end up as an innocent man on death row? A man by the name of Edward Lee Elmore has been convicted and found guilty of burglary, rape, and murder. Elmore was a lower-class black man who lived in Greenwood, Carolina. He was a quiet, polite young man, and worked odd-end jobs to make ends meet. In 1982, he was arrested for the murder of 75-year-old Dorothy Edwards, a friendly and loving woman who was well-known in the community. Elmore’s lack of objection or emotion convinced the people around him that he must be guilty. This was not your typical open and close murder case. This was a case of wrongful conviction and a miscarriage of justice that lost a man years of his life. The United States is distinguished for having one of the most sophisticated judicial systems in the world. We like to say that “Justice is blind,” but justice is decided among people, and people are not perfect or impartial. When convicted of a crime, a person is…show more content…
By chance, Christopher Jensen, a reputable corporate attorney was recruiting lawyers to handle the appeals of death row inmates. In an intriguing quote, Mr. Jensen compared Elmore’s case to that of O.J. Simpson, “You want to draw a perfect parallel. Look at these two trials. Two guys charged with murder. No eyewitnesses. Lots of forensic evidence – blood, fingerprints, hair. Elmore gets a three-day trial, no meaningful defense. Simpson’s goes on for months. Look what money gets you.” Assigned to the case, is young defense attorney Diana Holt. She was the only hope Elmore had left, everyone has since given up. Holt had a hard past of her, own including sexual abuse. She ultimately became the driving force that pushed the defense on appeal. She fully committed herself to Elmore’s case, certain that he was an innocent man and her help was

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