Edward Leedskalnin Research Paper

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Edward Leedskalnin change a lot of people minds in his foreign country, too be who you are and don’t let anyone stop you, you can do anything. I think Leedskalnin was a brilliant man who drove for success in any possible way for his old loved one. Who was Edward Leedskalnin and what are his interest, how did he create Coral Castle by himself, and what happened after he passed away at Coral Castle? Edward Leedskalnin’s life was rocky before he emigrated, but that all changed. After having his heart broken by Agnes Scuffs on their wedding day, Leedskalnin emigrated from Latvia and came to America. He settled on the Southern tip of Florida after he lived in Canada, California, and Texas. Leedskalnin was a gifted man, loved…show more content…
Some nosy teenagers spying on him one night claimed to see Leedskalnin “float the massive coral blocks through the air, like a hot air balloon on a summer day,” but no one would listen to them. Also, a story states that neighbors saw the mysterious way of how Leedskalnin moved the stones. They claimed he placed his hands on the stone to be lifted, and then he sang causing the stones to move. In addition, he built his famous 9 ton gate, 5 ton rocking chair, a two story tower which he lived in, and 10 acres of coral stones all in 28 years. After, Leedskalnin’s death Coral Castle was passed to his nephew, then to a family in Illinois. It was added National Historic Places in 1984, and went back to the name Rock Gate Park. The Castle and all of the braches are now open daily, as a public museum. After, his kidney failure even though no one found out his pure secrets Coral Castle is one of the wonderest places in the whole entire world. Leedskalnin was a mysterious man who got heartbroken and built a wonder of the world. I still can’t believe that how a tiny 5 foot immigrant from Latvia assemble a castle by
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